Attention! Entering the castle yard

Põltsamaa castle is under partial construction and we ask to pay attention when entering the castle yard.

  • Main gate and church gate are closed. You can enter from the north-west gate (Loodevärav) on foot. When the main gate is open, you can freely enter.
  • At the moment, you cannot access the yard by car. Please park you car in the nearby parking lots.
  • Visitors area is marked with green on the map. All the other areas at the yard are involved in the construction process. From the green area, visitors can enter the museum, wine cellar and handicrafts shops.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thnk you for understanding!

About the construction – n autumn 2022, new visitor center with a brand-new museum about the castle will be opened in the gate building; in 2023, castle tower is completed as an observation tower, offering a magnificent view to the area.

Entrance and parking plan 26.11.2021. Base map: X-GIS2. Maa-amet